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BTP has developed its own computerised system that tracks every stage of the process for each order, to ensure a perfect execution every time, with quality control sample testing throughout the process.


Our packaging sections for cosmetic products are newly-designed and constructed from special units with controlled atmosphere and pressure, air-conditioning and sophisticated dust filters.


We have twenty terminals in our packaging department, each one dedicated to monitoring theproducts from a single packaging machine.The three colorimetric control terminals in the printing department, one for each printing machine, ensure that specifications are produced exactly to customer requirements. Finally, two warehouse management centres have been installed which ensure total monitoring of each stage of production when products are received, checking and confirming every individual stage in real time.


Our in-house procedures, together with the highest standards for inspection and cleansing of dosing circuits before each separate operation, ensure perfect hygiene and guarantee that the products under process are free from contamination.


The strict, dual-process control of our in-house and external microbiological labs is carried out both on receipt of products and when samples are produced. Finally, the stress tests that we carry out on packaging with burst resistance and constant pressure equipment ensure that complete confidence can be placed in our product performance, which are of the highest quality and designed for a specific purpose.


Every BTP product also carries metrological certification for statistical samples according to standards governing metrology legislation. In order to achieve this important certification, and to maintain our high production standards, each packaging line is equipped with systems for the control of dosage weight.


Through our vast experience of production, BTP has exceeded the limits for standard heat-sealed single-dose sachets and become leaders in other types of product, including:

– moulded single-dose sachets, including custom-designed versions

– double sachets with a perforated join for two different products

– special sachets for distribution in magazines

– flow-packs to contain small items such as tablets of bath salts