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BTP also offers preparatory and complementary services for production of single-dose sachets and has set up its own production and logistics management facilities to preserve and maintain product quality.


Upon receipt of the goods to be packaged, BTP catalogues, labels and uploads the product into our management software, which tracks and documents every stage of processing in minute detail, demonstrating that at BTP we take the utmost care in the production of our own goods and with every product entrusted to us by our customers. All products waiting to be packaged are stored in a modern insulated building with a special climate-controlled area where the controlled temperature and humidity are set in respect of the product being stored.


The graphics department plans, designs and prototypes an image of the finished product or adapts a customer-provided image to the type and design of the packaging selected. When this section is complete, BTP can design systems for secondary packaging such as folders, boxes or counter displays.


Finally, the in-house printing department produces all necessary materials so that the packaging process can be started.