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With thirty years of experience in packaging liquid and cream products, BTP can offer many solutions for domestic and industrial cleansing, maintaining the highest quality standards and the best hygienic-sanitary guarantees.
In particular, our range of technologies ensures that BTP can package any product in single-dose sachets to the highest standards of quality and hygiene safety.


BTP can package any type of cosmetic product in single-dose sachets, maintaining the highest possible level of quality and guaranteeing the best hygiene-health standards, by producing different formats of sachets with different capacities for face, hand, body and hair creams. The sachets can also contain bath salts, scrubs, mud, oils and perfumes, facial masks and body patches ideal for travelling purposes or for courtesy kits in Spas and beauty centres.


BTP provides numerous packaging solutions for sanitary and parapharmaceutical products of any kind of consistency. Thanks to the highest possible standards of sanitisation of the dosing and control circuits, BTP guarantees a perfect level of hygiene and non-contamination of the processed product.


In the amenities sector, BTP is the “Made in Italy” reference for many suppliers of hotel chains in Italy and abroad. BTP offers a wide range of products: shampoo, bath-shower, intimate hygiene product and creams in packaging bags or in a bottle, refreshing wet wipes. It also offers products packaged in flow packs or single boxes including tooth sets, beard sets, vanity sets and many more.


BTP also provides solutions for everyday products such as detergents, fabric softeners, hygiene detergents as well as those used for the cleaning of domestic and industrial environments intended for industries, laundries, the automotive, professional cleaning sectors, the large-scale retail trade, kitchens, swimming pools, nautical, animal husbandry and many other sectors.